Episode #2: Celebrating the National Day on Writing

This week we had our first guests on the podcast; Betty Ray of Edutopia and Kevin Hodgson of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project and Norris Elementary School in Southampton, MA. Each shared a personal piece that showcased an important struggle or inquiry into the act and habit of writing and teaching.

This week we also celebrate the 4th anniversary of the National Day on Writing alongside its supporting organizations NCTE and NWP. Our guests provide a template for teachers as writers in this important context.

Listen as Betty and Kevin share their powerful pieces with Scot and Steve and hear them push beyond their comfort zone into deeper thinking about their practice as teachers and writers. Highlights include discussion about writing a novel on your cell phone, Jersey Shore as a pop culture mentor text (really?! Yes…really!), and a four year old protagonist who fights octopuses (octopi?) on her way to school.

Disclaimer: So, it turns out we have a bit more to figure out about the podcasting business. Scot and I coordinated this cross country call through all four US timezones okay, but we somehow messed up the recording. The Skype call recorded our guests’ audio, but somehow all of our questions were lost…You can use your inferential skills there, right? We still thought this episode was worth sharing even with the technical difficulties. Kevin and Betty provide a lot worth listening to.

You can read Betty’s piece of writing here and Kevin’s poem here.


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